Lady Liberty!

Liberty is an important word and a much more important concept in the grand scheme of things. Liberty is about those freedoms that we currently enjoy and those that we used to enjoy. Liberty is about the absence of government oppression. Liberty is also about the notion of rights versus legitimate responsibilities.

I enjoy the notion that I am free to speak my mind with only a few caveats. I enjoy the notion that I am free to travel the country as I choose. I enjoy the notion that I am free to practice my brand of religion, not some brand my government deems appropriate. I enjoy the fact that we hold national elections every two years so that mistakes can be corrected and in some respects, the status quo maintained.

I respect some espousing, publicly and privately, the notion of Liberty. Others, I might refer to as charlatans, looking to feather their own nest as best they are able. I am a cynic by nature and I tend to judge people more by their behaviors than by their often hollow words. I respect people able to honestly demonstrate their deep and abiding understanding of notions such as Liberty. In this political season, for instance, I have seen a number of people looking more like charlatans than patriots.

I feel an obligation, as a blogger, to make those feelings known. Just because some kook signs a letter, fax or memorandum In Liberty, does not mean that they are necessarily legitimate. Causes are often undermined and ruined because a select few seek to benefit personally, for their gain and the gain of their cronies. That is my sense locally. A charlatan is hardly the one to further a cause in the name of the movement.

One of the most telling characteristics of a true patriot is selflessness. Look at the political records and the business records and the personal records of those espousing to be pure and honest. Most will fill that bill but a select few are only concerned with self. The next time that you hear someone rant about Liberty, ask them for concrete demonstrations as to how they have been working to spread the spirit of Liberty across this land. All great contributors give of self. Let me see that part of you that has been given.

An appropriate level of Liberty is necessary to nourish and provide an atmosphere where Liberty can exist. There is a delicate balancing act between one’s liberty and one’s government. Too much government will serve to effectively quash any notion of Liberty. Not all people respond accordingly when faced with notions of Liberty, thus we need a small dose of interceding assistance.

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