Property Tax Relief, Age 61 and above!

A Better Example of The Program and Its Benefits!

The Relevant Dept. of Revenue Forms!

Do You Qualify?

At the end of the calendar year that you turn 61 years of age and earn as a total household, less than $35,000.00 per year you can apply to have a reduction in yearly property taxes. This is not a deferral, it is a reduction in the amount you will owe on a yearly basis. I have downloaded a link above and you can go to page 21 on the PDF file and read the upper third of the page. If you feel that you qualify, then all you need to do is to contact your county assessors office for further directions.

Property taxes can be an onerous burden on many home owners. One of the remedies is available for lower income home owners who have turned 61 and will be 62, in the coming calendar year. With this exemption, if you qualify, the amount of property taxes that you owe could be reduced significantly. Check it out, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you have friends or relatives you think may qualify, tell them about the program. In a number of instances this exemption may significantly reduce the burden of home ownership for a given person. You will need your last year’s income tax return. Call your local County Assessor’s Office to find out exactly what you will need and to schedule an appointment.

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2 Responses to “WA State’s Property Tax Exemption For Low Income Home Owners!… 61 Years Old? Click on The Link Below…”

  • CeCe:

    This I have done. A very nice surprise, but you do need your previous year’s income tax form with you..

  • Dixie:

    The $35,000.00 cap needs to be brought up to 2011 values. When this was originated, home values and the accompanying tax assessments were well below what they are now and $35,000.00 was a decent annual income. Now $35,000.00 is just staying above the poverty level. People on a fixed income see their property taxes continually going up but many make just enough not qualify for the exemption. The average tax bill in Douglas County is $3000.00. That means seniors could be paying nearly 10% if their disposable income in property taxes with no relief insight.

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