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Venoy “The Punk” Overton’s Selfish Act Destroyed The Husky Season!

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Overton Suspended for PAC-10 Tourney!

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Coach Lorenzo Romar has announced that Sr. Guard Venoy Overton has been suspended for the PAC-10 Tournament that begins on Thursday for the Huskies. The word is, if the Huskies make the NCAA Tournament, he will be reinstated. That makes little sense to me. I feel that he forfeited his right to be part of this team, given the charges that have been filed against him. Venoy Overton will be remembered as the idiot responsible for the collapse of the Husky Basketball team during the 2010-11 season.

The idiot known as Venoy Overton has finally been charged, by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office. Given Overton’s minority status, I am surprised that the City Attorney got something right regarding this case. Forget the fact that the alleged victim was 16 years old. Forget that Overton worked to get her drunk, forget that Overton at 22 years old acted as if he was operating with the common sense of a imbecilic moron. Forget that Overton singlehandedly worked to destroy the Husky season. Don’t believe me? Check out the Husky record after it was announced that an unnamed, well known Husky basketball player had been implicated in an alleged sexual assault. We are not talking about a 20 something co-ed, expected to have a bit more maturity and sophistication.

We are talking a naive 16 year old and a 22 year old predator. I want Venoy Overton as a friend of mine, on Facebook. If this dullard graduates from the University of Washington with a degree, that speaks volumes for the school and its quality. Overton has tarnished his alma mater, Franklin High School. He has tarnished the minority community in Seattle. The good thing for Venoy is that he has lots of company for that in his hometown. Venoy has worked hard to spread the stereotypes that exist in Seattle’s minority community. He is dumber than dumb and more despicable than stupid. In fact, Venoy Overton may have made a strong case that he is mentally challenged. The racists will come out of the woodwork but take another look. The character level on the Husky basketball team is superlative. This one bad apple, make that rotten apple, brought unfair scrutiny to an entire team.

He gave the competitors’ fans a rallying charge at away venues. He brought distraction to a team focused on a championship. After a 7-1 start to the conference season. After the story broke, the Huskies finished with 4 wins in their final 10 conference contests. Ouch! Jerry Brewer, Lorenzo Romar and others danced around the issue as to the real reasons surrounding the Husky debacle. Overton is a punk and a narcissist when it comes to dealing with his own behavior. This selfish peckerwood may get community service. That is all this creep needs, a situation where he can showcase his immaturity, for others, one more time. He needs about six months in jail but that will not happen in liberal Seattle. You see, if Venoy were white and not a college athlete, the situation and charges may have been different. Instead, Seattle’s crown punk is going to be given yet another pass. I wonder how many times he has been given the benefit of Seattle’s doubt?

Unfortunately, during this time I have lost some respect for Coach Romar, UW President Phyllis Wise and others involved in the process. At some point this struggling creep will finally play his hand and get caught in the snare. He has all of the psychological makeup of a true and deserving creep. Venoy Overton is ghetto, plain and simple. If he has any redeeming value, I cannot wait to see that. He is a street hustler and will return to his strengths; lying and tawdry behavior. Good luck Venoy, you may not have many supporters like Coach Romar left in your life. Be sure and congratulate your teammates, the ones you screwed with your selfishness and stupidity. Remember them?

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One Response to “Venoy Overton Charged With A Gross Misdemeanor; Romar Praised!… A Day Late and $200.00 Short!… Seattle Justice Is Akin To No Justice At All!…”

  • Steve Patrick:

    Steve is obviously distracted by the fact that his hand, permanently stuck down his pants, keeps his attention levels low. He cannot even say sociopath, let alone think about the ramifications. Steve is definitely distracted by something other than intellect!

    Ho-hum, another tedious windbag

    referring to yourself?

    with a blog. Why is it – just curious, you understand – that everyone with agenda always claims that anything short of a public stoning, abject disgrace, and maybe having a body part severed is “taking it (whatever “it” is) too lightly”? Is there some vast conspiracy to overlook the evil deeds of accused people…or is there, maybe, an effort at getting at the truth and deciding if what’s alleged to have happened is fair, appropriate and LEGAL? What if Overton was guilty of what – My God – ten MILLION other people his age are guilty of: becoming attracted

    you dumb ass, he wasn’t attracted!

    to a person a little younger than themselves and attempting to have sex with them? The age of consent, according to the P-I’s article that had this silly link attached, is sixteen. The girl was sixteen. Plenty of girls – and boys – have sex in a weak moment and then regret it later. Unless YOU, Chuckles, were in that room, you don’t KNOW the truth of what happened. You can BELIEVE whatever you please but belief and knowledge are two vastly different things. Grow up. Let the actual people INVOLVED (which you are NOT) handle the justice of this situation. You know nothing but your own prejudices and windy opinions.

    Talk about ho-hum! Your comment is obviously that of a microsyphallic moron. I didn’t invite you, you chose to insert yourself. You are an idiot and I would be careful. I have a concealed carry license just to make sure that warts like you do not get out of line. Yes, belief and knowledge are sometimes not the same. I present exhibit A, your blather!

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