The Lies Are In The Eyes!

On a somewhat regular basis members of Congress and those diligent in the press will uncover some unsettling information, in the form of a federal mandate or regulation, hidden in a piece of federal legislation. This is not legislation recently passed by Congress. Rather, it is in legislation during the iconic era of Reid and Pelosi.

Some rather nefarious mandates have been hidden in legislation dating back to the failed stimulus plan. With the chicanery that the left pulled in terms of that bogus legislation, we could only imagination what was tucked deep inside the Health Care reform legislation. When you hide something, especially things political, you are knowingly attempting to deceive. This is not one of the Christmas morning scenarios when you attempt, with your children, to heighten the level of excitement. This is a flat attempt to keep the information from those against it, for as long as possible.

This is all about political lies and the use of misdirection. The strategy with such moves is to be able to create the illusion that nothing untoward was ever part of any legislative initiative. The politicians engaging in such behavior are hopeful that by the time the acts of deceit have been uncovered that their positions will either be stronger or that any opposition will be significantly dampened, over time. I cannot exonerate either party but lately, in terms of significant legislation, the Democrats have been forcing the issue to much more significant extent.

The deceit and outright fraud perpetrated in both the stimulus bill and in the health care legislation has been absolutely unfathomable. When then Speaker Pelosi noted that Congress would have to pass the legislation to find out exactly what was in the bill, should have been a most telling moment for the sane in America. In other words, the Kool-Aid drinkers among us did not really care what had been done. Ultimately, they put their entire trust into those purporting to lead America through these tough times.

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