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Only Nancy Could Say This!

The following graph made its way from a Pelosi Flikr page to Moveon.Org. After some careful scrutiny, it turns out, of course that the graph is incorrect. Surprise of surprises. Nancy Pelosi is both devious and stupid, in my mind. Her real offense is that she feels that you are even more so, than she. She and her ilk love to prey on people who are followers. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Love Compliments!

Recently, the genius of New York noted that the 3 branches of the federal government, are as follows; the House, Senate and the Presidency. Hmmmm, makes a bright person kind of wonder some of those on the left and where they learned their facts, the ones they feel that they are entitled to.  Schumer took the Legislative branch and doubled its power while excluding the Judiciary altogether.  I will readily admit that I have no love for New York’s Senior Senator as he is like many on the left, full of himself. Read the rest of this entry »

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