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In a society of entitlements, activists like Sandra Fluke are just too much to endure. Life is about choices. If you have a medical issue that truly requires some extra / additional attention, that is one thing. Most of Fluke’s arguments are totally baseless and just attempts to squeeze yet another benefit from religious employers or academic institutions. If you need special attention, organizations like Planned Parenthood have the resources to supply, free of charge, for those in the community with needs. According to Fluke, she is obviously not dealing with intelligent people, in their moment of need.

It is now being reported that Fluke is not a 23 year old coed. Rather she is a 30 year old coed with a history of activism directed at what she and others call women’s issue. It is becoming ever apparent that Fluke has ulterior motives that are far beyond those of a concerned young college female. In a very troubling sense, she is a plant by the far left. Her admission was orchestrated with the intended purpose of creating this entire fiasco. You really have to love disingenuous activists, hell bent on the lie. Sandra Fluke is a political creep, not a well meaning Law Student. Although I thought that the Rush comment about her being a slut was out of bounds, I never saw her as an authority on the issue(s) at hand. That said, I do think that she is a creep in the true Obama tradition. Deceit and deception are never endearing traits.

Over my career I can never recall having a special benefit that included birth control benefits. For any kind of birth control that I would have needed, I was smart enough to go out and pay for it, out of pocket. Law students should not expect that the lack of free birth control is some sort of undue burden. As I listen to Fluke’s opening statement, I am appalled at her apparent lack of common sense. She drones on with her onslaught of anecdotal instances as if they were the everyday occurrences impacting all women.

Fluke was denied a place in the original House hearing because her background and testimony was irrelevant to the larger issue being argued. She was also not scheduled to testify. Rather, the Democrats attempted to sneak her in after they removed their scheduled speaker from the list. Of course, the attempted insertion of Fluke was little more than a blatant move to politicize the hearings. Fluke was there as an advocate for something that was not really germane to the topic. That aside, the radical Democrats were looking to gain political favor with the issue and take away from the substantive nature of the hearings.

Sandra Fluke may graduate with a pedigree, in the form of a Georgetown University Law Degree but she will definitely not be among the elite attorneys of her time. Her logic was deeply flawed and she hastily pursued an option that would give her exposure rather than standing. It is slightly embarrassing to see a third year law student from a prestigious institution present such a disgusting and irrelevant case, publicly.

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