………The word pairs below makeup some of the governmental oxymorons that have come to my mind. When Congressional leaders spew about big plans and new initiatives they often say things in an attempt to fool the voters into thinking that what is being proposed is reasonable and sound for those involved. If you listen closely and watch, you will soon discover that they were only trying to distract you from acting appropriately.

Liberal Values
Honest Debate
Economic Facts
Deficit Reduction
Intelligent Planning

Meaningful Legislation
Taxpayer Rights
Budget cuts
Constituent Concerns
Congressional Oversight

Fiscal Restraint
Global Warming
Believable Change
Deficit Neutral
Political Promise

Green Jobs
Senator Kennedy
President Obama
Speaker Pelosi
Chicago Politician

Public Option
Deficit Neutral
Lower Costs
Comprehensive Coverage
Cost Containment

Lincoln Obama
Planned Parenthood
Objective Press
Obama Listens

These are just a few of the many oxymorons that might actually come to mind as the 2012 election comes closer to reality. We need to keep a strong focus and remember what this President and his Congressional henchmen have done to the country in the past few years. If we really retreat to a position thinking that we need to give one more chance, that might actually end up being our death knell. This President is deliberate and calculating as he plots to confuse those with short memories and an inconsistent set of facts. As he campaigns and continues to slack on the job, these are your unemployed neighbors, this is your debt, these are your issues that are quickly turning into insurmountable problems. Take heed, if you fail to act now, you may never get another chance with the America that you know and love!

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