The Real Culprits!

Both timing and the truth go a long way toward discovering the real story behind the spin. In the case of the Kansas City steel mill, GST, the Obama campaign is blaming Governor Mitt Romney for the demise of the company. They have even gone so far as to put together an ad that gets everything wrong. It is embarrassing to the Obama campaign, to say the very least.

Governor Romney stepped down from Bain Capital in 1999 as the head of the company. GST Steel finally went bankrupt in 2001; a full two years later. Do your own research and the check the timeline, get informed. In 1999 Romney left the company, Bain Capital, to take control of the flailing Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games. That was just one of many tasks where the Romney mystique wildly succeeded yet again.

Blaming Governor Romney for any issues surrounding the failure of GST is wrong and it is a blatant lie. Mitt Romney had been long gone when the company started to fail and subsequently closed it doors. When are the President and his campaign hacks going to get the story correct? When are they going to get back to their economy and its dreadful condition? Mr. President, you can run but you cannot hide.

It turns out that Jonathan Lavine, current Obama bundler, was actually in charge, at Bain, during that period, when the layoffs occurred. Oops, that isn’t right, is it? Yes, that story is the one that needs to be reported on. Sorry Mr. President, your lies are just getting to be more than many of us are able to handle.

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