BYU Has An Honor Code And It Is Enforced!

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A Code of Honor!

Sports Illustrated is reporting that 204 football players among the 25 top rated teams in college football have criminal records. That does not include idiots like Notre Dame’s Prince of Darkness. Brandon Davies, a basketball player, did not break any law. He did, however, violate the Mormon school’s Honor Code! When a player or student, for that matter, enrolls at BYU they are fully aware of the University’s rules of governance, with respect to students, faculty and staff. Other schools have codes as well. Notre Dame, for instance, has a code of conduct that seems to be quite flexible and tends to favor athletes.

I have, on this blog, noted previously that University’s should have a separate code of conduct with respect to athletes. My thinking on that subject is that high profile athletes can bring seriously negative publicity to their schools when they act in an irresponsible manner, regardless of the law. When a school’s athletic programs are even somewhat out of control, the negative publicity can serve to blemish the school’s reputation. Imagine if Notre Dame was to institute an honor code as tough as that at BYU. Half of the Freshman class would be expelled for underage drinking. The football program would have dozens of available scholarships because of code violations.

Instead, the Fightin’ Irish have apologists in the form of a secular oriented President and a group of rogue alums who have all the accountability of a drunken pest. I applaud BYU for its moral values and its commitment to an Honor Code that it believes in. It might be nice if some Mormons, not at BYU, took a closer look at that Honor Code and patterned their lives in a similar way. This may cost the basketball team dearly but in the long run it sends a very strong moral message to the students enrolled that the Administration and Board pay more than lip service to their notion of ideals. Winning at all costs is such a sick strategy but when many of your powerful alums are shallow and weak, you get exactly what you paid for, lawlessness & blatant disregard for respect. Go Irish!

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One Response to “Nationally Ranked BYU Sticks To Its Honor Code!… Starting Center, Brandon Davies, Removed From Team…”

  • CeCe:

    Glad to see a college, BYU, stepped up to plate to follow their code of ethics, it did hurt in a game, now the team members know, don’t mess with the administration.
    Too bad Notre Dame and the U.W. can’t follow with some kind of ethics. Need to eliminate some administration
    personel as wellas athletes to get the program back into place, but then winning is more important.

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