The Captain of Niggerization!

Touré is a host on MSNBC. He is mostly an irresponsible apologist for the Obama administration. He has this notion that leads him to believe that anyone disagreeing with the President is doing so just because of Obama’s race. Touré could not be any more wrong, feeling that way. I happen to disagree with this President because his policies make absolutely no sense. Further, he is not one to consider himself accountable when he screws up while performing duties related to the Presidency. It is no more complicated than that, for me. Touré obviously sees differences only in racial terms.

The frightening thing about this less than seasoned television host is that he is immature and consistently shows that side while spewing hate rather than intellectual arguments. I suppose when your argument would appear silly the best strategy is to hurl racial invectives at the opposition. That should shut them up for the moment. People like Touré tend to use their microphones as surrogates for a brain. MSNBC has an editorial slant and Touré fits into that narrative beautifully. A sensible argument is not necessarily the objective for any of those working as hosts on that particular network.

Their last reasonable goal is to provide both sides of an argument because that might actually work against their basic strategy. They love to play into stereotypes and take pot shots at their opposition without offering them a seat at the table. I don’t have any political playbook and yet I am able to see the absolute disdain exhibited by our President’s campaign. I see him as angry, aloof, disconnected and hateful in terms of his methods and how he chooses to treat his opponents. The unfortunate thing is that he then chooses to hide behind his office and deny anything even when it is most apparent even to the casual observer.

Touré fits right in with his brethren at MSNBC. He has the same agenda and the same detached logic used by Ed “Look What the Cat Dragged In” Schultz, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Lawrence O’Donnell and Melissa Harris-Perry. Although that list is not complete, it gives you a good idea as to the breadth of the problem. Mostly, when they have a panel discussion, only one side is represented. That, my friends, is hardly fair and balanced. Perhaps that fact alone helps explain the miserable ratings that MSNBC enjoys, when comparing them to FNC (The FOX News Channel).

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