A Religious Institution!

The left is looking to terrorize people like me over R-74, an initiative looking to overturn the WA State legislature’s acceptance of gay marriage. I can disagree wholeheartedly with the left on this issue. I believe that my points are not only well thought out but they reveal the truth underlying a push to de-sanctify the sacrament of holy matrimony.

Yes, the gay community has some nefarious claim that they are being discriminated against because they cannot legally marry a same sex spouse in every state, every country, etc. I am sorry folks, marriage is not about a union between like genders. Just as the sanctity of marriage is not about a union between a person and his / her pet. Nor is marriage about a union between a man and several women. You get the point, right?

Go ahead, try to intimidate me. I am not some unscrupulous upstart looking to protect a tradition that dates back a few years. The traditions that surround marriage were first brought forth through the churches. They have survived for numerous millenia, not mere decades. This is not about civil rights, nor is it about fairness. It is about selfishness and screwy notions of what some feel should be, but isn’t. I have prescribed what I feel are appropriate government sanctioned efforts to right any of the secular wrongs that may exist today.

Destroying the institution, the sacrament of marriage, is not one of the prescriptions that I would recommend. If you are so selfish that you have a need to destroy everything that is deemed holy, then please, proceed. You are whining, sniveling ingrates. You are not the titans of civil rights that you purport to be. You are selfishly exclusive when it comes to those institutions that have endured thousands of years for a reason. You are not being discriminated against when it comes to marriage. You have the very same rights as me. You have the right to enter into the sacrament of marriage with a member of the opposite sex. Is that so difficult to understand?

If you would like to sign the petition, they are set up today and perhaps tomorrow, outside the Wenatchee Wal-Mart, just immediately North of the entrance. I stopped by and signed and was more than happy to do so. To date they have more than half of the required signatures and are well on their way to getting R-74 onto the ballot for later this year. For those of you making this a political issue, don’t choke on your self-righteousness. If this is a political issue then the proper prescription is to ordain some government sponsored solution. Stay out of the churches and let them continue the work that they have been doing for all these centuries.

Sometimes you just have to resign yourself to the fact that you are wrong on an issue and no amount of whining is going to make your argument acceptable. The government has prescriptions but our 24 carat President wants to make his mark in a more intrusive manner. He wants to interject his brand of Christianity into the process. He wants us to believe that he is the religious scholar, the constitutional scholar, the chosen one that knows best. I say to hell with those screwy ideas. I expect more diligence from my leaders, not this fashionable claptrap. To hell with the Obama doctrine when it comes to marriage and his brand of secular extremism.

On the matter of both R-74 and I-1192, I plan to vote for and support both the initiative and the referendum. You need not be a mental giant to figure out how you can best do that. These two citizen sponsored initiatives are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Today I had the opportunity to sign R-74 and if I am given the opportunity to sign I-1192 I do that as well. This is a no brainer for me.

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