Playing The Race Card!

Politicians like James Clyburn have raised race baiting to an art. If you disagree with this openly irresponsible liberal, then you run the chance that he will refer to your views as racist. Congressman embraces President Obama mostly because of his black heritage. I am sure that the two men agree a number of issues as well. As for me, I could care less about the President’s heritage or that of Representative Clyburn. I don’t happen to like the President as I consider him to be nothing more than a liar. He has repeatedly lied and I have listened and listened until I am blue in the face.

The President makes no apologies when he is caught in the middle of a bald face lie. In fact, he actually seems to be unaffected when caught. He loves to have his White House control press events to the extent that there is near complete censorship over what is asked, what is said and what is actually reported. I am disturbed that many of those covering these events sit on their hands and accept it as part & parcel of their assigned duties. No! That is now how America works. Nor should that ever be considered the way that America should work. If you don’t understand something, own up to it and stay out of the debate until you are up to speed.

Michigan Congressman John Conyers said it best back in 2009 when talking about the Healthcare bill. He essentially noted that for someone like to attempt to read such a cumbersome document would be a complete waste of time. Yet, Conyers and others would gladly bend your ear while telling you just how good the bill was and how much you were going to benefit from such legislation. On the one hand, Conyers is pleading is ignorance and on the other hand, he is more than willing to lie to you about what is contained in the bill. At the time, Speaker Pelosi, made the comment that if you wanted to know what was in the bill, you would need to pass the bill. What kind of logic governs lunacy like that? I don’t dislike the former speaker because she is female. I detest her because I see her as totally stupid. Some of the things that actually come out of her mouth are astounding. I wish that she would only take time to listen the prattle she spews.

If you take these examples, then look carefully at the first two plus years of the Obama Administration, you get the idea as to what I am talking about. President Obama puts me into a complete quandary with some of his proposed silliness. Just this past week, in meeting the Queen of England, he, our President, cannot even pay attention long enough to understand the protocol involved in offering a toast. In terms of the his buddy at Harvard, Henry Louis ‘Skip’ Gates, we have another black male with a penchant for seeing rejection only through the eyes of his race. Otherwise, there is no issue. But argue with his ideas and immediately, you will be cast aside as nothing more than a racist. That really makes sense!… Doesn’t it?

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