What is causing a nationwide ammunition shortage? Is it only the simplistic notion of supply and demand? Are citizens hoarding ammunition because their trust in government is quickly eroding? Thanks to those federal officials, elected, appointed and career employees. What the hell are they doing to create such a fearful wave across this country.

I have heard far too many stories of local people with tens of thousands of ammo rounds in their possession. I recently purchased a new rifle and could not find ammunition for it immediately. I finally found two boxes at a premium price, perhaps close to double what it should have been selling for at the normal retail level.

I am not hoarding ammunition, so I have only modest supplies of any caliber for my firearms on hand. That said, I have enough for personal protection and will not hesitate to use it if necessary. I cannot believe that this President and some liberal members of Congress are so irresponsible that they have literally opened the floodgates for the purchase of both firearms and ammunition by the citizenry. Their comments should be censored and they should be dragged onto the carpet, kicking and screaming.

In one sense, these idiots, in Congress, particularly those akin to the moron yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, are creating an enviroment that is neither healthy nor warranted. Do I completely trust our government, NO! Who in the hell would, if they had any semblance of a working brain. With people like Patty Murray in office, I find it difficult to take much of Congress seriously. These people are essentially uneducated and wantonly stupid, for all intents and purposes. They are acting in an irresponsible manner and causing great consternation across the nation.

Their actions drive those with even mild paranoia to behave erratically. That said, I am not necessarily going to give the Feds a pass on their role. They have been misbehaving and their actions have led to a series of contemptible actions, on their part. Rhetoric raises the stakes and creates a sense of division and fear that is unconscionable. This, irresponsible gun control, is one of those divisive issues that the President should shove deep inside his back pocket and quit acting like a total jerk on the matter. I, personally, am not amused by idiots either in or out of government acting like perfectly trained morons.

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