……….The rumor mill continues to swirl around the world’s greatest golfer, Tiger Woods. The latest is that his wife, Elin, has been consulting with a divorce lawyer and is only keeping quiet during the holidays. The word is out that after the holiday season is ended, she will file for divorce from this sick bastard. I have been thinking about appropriate adjectives to describe Tiger. In my consulting I often use the notion of adjectives to help people get a better understanding of themselves.

……….In this instance, I am not going to trust Woods to be honest with us, since honesty is not a trait that I feel he shares with me. I hope that any redemption he feels comes after long suffering. What he has done to his wife, shows nothing more than the selfish acts of a total degenerate. He is beyond saving at this moment. He owes his wife and her family a world of apology. He has clearly demonstrated an egomaniacal tendency towards being the world’s form narcissist. Here are the adjectives that I would choose to describe the world’s greatest golfer, worst husband and most despicable human being…


……….Actually, I could have used a dozen or more adjectives to describe this smallish person. I could care less what happens to him down the road. He chose the low road and continues to act as if he does not deserve this treatment. In far too many circles women are seen and treated as mere objects for men. Yes, the behavior of some of the women was destestable but then again, Tiger is the one with the squeaky clean image, the man with the all knowing sense of right and wrong. Earlier today Accenture, the consulting firm, dropped Woods as a spokesperson. Earlier Gillette suspended all of Woods’ activities related to the brand. Other sponsors have definitely suspended, for now, all of their ads, etc. using Tiger’s image.

……….It is easy for me to understand why Tiger had such disdain for Phil Mickelson. Phil Mickelson, with his lovely wife and children are really the image that the public should have had of the perfect family, not Tiger. Tiger is the worst kind of dog. Phil may be human on the golf course but he is not a hypocrite off the course. Tiger needs to look in a really big mirror so that he is able to see around and through his really enormous ego. He might look to new role models, like Phil Mickelson to gain some reasonable perspective.

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One Response to “***Five Adjectives That Describe Eldrick “Tiger” Woods….”

  • I am not understanding this at all. I am a student in jouiner (junior) high and i go to this website to find good descibtions (descriptions) of Tiger Woods for a history project. I find out that this person has describe(d) Tiger woods as a monster basicly and i was wanting to know 5 words that describes Tiger Woods. The descibiton (description) needs to be in a good way so that i can finish my project and get a great grade so please describe him in a good way.

    Thanks so much,
    Jane Allen

    On the course he was committed, a champion, relentless, competitive and focused. This particular blog was about his overall personality that he had been able to keep hidden from public scrutiny for many years. Hopefully these five adjectives will help you better understand Tiger the golfer, back in the good old days. Now he is much less able to compete at an elite level due to both his personal and physical issues (knee).

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