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These three blogs / posts speak to different but similar out of control behaviors across the country on some of America’s college campuses. We need some serious investigation to figure out the core cause of such behaviors. Are the women involved at fault mostly or is it a special class of thug that feels entitled? I know that it is never just one party that is culpable across all reported sexual assaults but I tend to lean on the side of the accuser until the information is gathered, evaluated and disseminated. Women claiming sexual assault and going through proper procedures are usually exposed to very extreme and invasive testing as well as questioning. That is often the case more so than for most male perpetrators.

I know firsthand that athletes are generally granted special status on college campuses and a number of them are not much more than thugs. Perhaps the characterizations are a bit harsh but then again, they can easily dispel these stereotypes by acting appropriately and demanding the same of their teammates. Young people are prone to making bad choices but no one should not be
automatically targeted by others just because of their affiliation. On the other hand, college athletes are in the ‘fish bowl.’ They are campus celebrities to many and should not be given a pass when it comes to behaviors bordering on criminal activity and beyond.

We need Administrators, Coaches and Trustees to act quickly and responsibly when matters demand that. Alums that act like creeps are just that. Tradition is about values and right minded activities. Those who would wantonly agree to just offer a player a pass because of his status are part of a growing problem. Coaches need to stress the notion of rights and responsibilities. Idiots are sometimes prone to put themselves into situations that can end up be troublesome for both their reputations and careers. College is not about babysitting and thus those who choose to matriculate and participate in sports at that level need to develop a maturity that is responsible and matches their standing on campus.

Anything less and those bottom feeders left over a likely to bring attention that is unwanted to themselves. In many instances such behavior is not a mistake at all but rather a wanton act of violence perpetrated on another. Never should that type of mindset be allowed when it first revealed or known to exist. No player earns the right to participate in society solely because of his athletic prowess on the field. Coaches who behave otherwise need to be fired and told to find employment in other fields. You will have to decide where you stand on these issues, I have written other blogs that have been published that relate to the ‘Lizzy’ Seeberg scandal at Notre Dame.

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3 Responses to “Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg, Some Earlier Related Blogs That Primarily Say Much of What I Have Already Said!… Plus Other Instances of Unacceptable Behavior, If Proven True!”

  • Tim:

    “Anybody looking for charges to be filed in this case will have to wait until after the first of the year….. The football team needs the key player in the bowl game against Miami…… Just goes to show the TRUE priorities of the campus and the prosecutors office are…..” (Walnutfan).

    Tim, you hit the nail on the head! As I have attempted to demonstrate, Notre Dame handles these internal issues in a far different manner than other programs across the country. The UW had continuing problems with a blue chip tight end and cut him last summer. His issues were not even close to those of the Notre Dame player in question. Since the case was recently turned over to the St. Joseph’s County Prosecutor, we will have to wait as they are going to start from the beginning. Kind of looks like a classic coverup. The player in question will learn quickly once his season’s usefulness is used up. Reminds me of how the now retired John Thompson (Georgetown BB) of Georgetown fame used players until it became certain they did not belong in college. He was able to get two years out them before they were returned to the mean streets with nothing but memories.

  • Tim:

    It would seem that the player’s name is now out in the open, Chuck. A local radio station has just mocked Notre Dame for allowing Prince Shembo to continue playing football. Prince Shembo must be the suspect in the alleged rape of Elizabeth Seeberg.

    You hit the nail on the head! The player is Prince Shembo from North Carolina. A freshman defender.

  • Mike:

    Mike has reading issues. He sees what he wants to like a number of other homers. A quality read requires much more than a quick perusal of the blog. Words are important with the exception of those like Mike. He tends to gloss over as he is in a hurry to spew. Sorry Mike, no last name, no working email, what are you hiding? Any subsequent comments are now programmed to be removed automatically.

    The facts on here are amazingly incorrect. First of all, rape was never alleged. The complaint was that the accused “grabbed her breasts” as can be seen noted in the police report and the prosecutor’s statement. Secondly, the police have stated that phone records have contradicted the girl’s own statements, which removed some credibility. Thirdly, Notre Dame has a history of expelling football players for charges as small as possession of marijuana as soon as evidence is found. There is no evidence in this case beyond the a complaint of grabbing by a girl who is since deceased. DNA kit was negative (and there was no point in running it given the nature of the allegation). Finally, Prince barely plays. He is not a critical part of the defense, and has never started a game to my knowledge. The idea that people want him expelled from school despite no evidence (and in fact, evidence that conflicts with the witness). Shame on you all.

    That is what happens when you fail the transparency test. Concerning your use of the term facts, allegations are not necessarily based on facts. If you know the Indiana law with respect to sexual assault, then present it on your blog. Otherwise, shut up! I am sure that you have seen the report. Sexual assault were the first allegations. Then when the story started to grow legs the allegation of rape was brought forth. Especially when word of a rape kit was brought into the story. See what happens when those in charge start to play silly games!

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