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The morning cable news ratings for February 21, 2012 show that Soledad O’Brien’s new CNN morning program barely register, in terms of audience. The longtime CNN anchor barely registered for her three hour show at 196,000 viewers. That left her next to the bottom, just above CNBC’s Squawk Box. She was crushed by MSNBC’s Morning Joe with nearly 2.5 times the audience and literally buried by FOX & Friends with nearly 6 times the audience that her new show, Early Start / Starting Point attracted.

What could it be about about one of CNN’s longtime on-air personalities that viewers find so despicable? Could it be that her show is not edgy? How about the fact that her show lacks any true semblance of journalistic integrity? I would have to say that after watching her new offering the other morning, for nearly two hours, that she was predictable, partisan and came across as being uninformed. She has no sense of journalistic rhythm when it comes to questions and / or comments. She gets in a groove and begins, quickly, to sound just like a broken record. She probably annoys even some of her most loyal viewers with her persistence, in an attempt to get a story that just is not there.

I hope that the CNN brain trust did not spend too much in terms of developing this morning concept. The notion of the format might be good but the person responsible for delivering that message seems to be fatally flawed. O’Brien, it seems, has a niche that suits her for CNN. She loves to talk about race. In fact, for me, she comes across in all matters related to race as if it is an obsession. Secondly, she appears to fail when it comes to doing her homework. She definitely does not appear to possess any deep abiding notion of intuition politically. In fact, she often is challenged by her guests as misrepresenting what she refers to as the facts of the matter.

There must be something to my analysis as she is just getting hammered in terms of audience size and it appears that Morning Joe is the beneficiary. This morning on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, the host, was in rare form. He actually impressed me for the first time in ages with his insightful questioning and commentary. It is always a joy to watch Mika Brzezinski roll her eyes as she sits quietly next to him. Perhaps CNN should attempt to steal her away and give her a show of her own. So much for the once great innovator of cable news. CNN has fallen far and hard and Ms. O’Brien is emblematic of how much further they may continue to fall until there is a meaningful shakeup at the top of the organization.

After her interview with some of Breitbart’s former associates, she imploded on air. She is anything but a responsible journalist. I don’t need to be preached to by a politically motivated talking head with a point to make rather than a story to tell. CNN has come out with a 1500 word piece in an attempt to walk back the frivolous points that were being spewed by O’Brien when interviewing Joel Pollack about the Breitbart video of then Harvard Law Faculty member Derrick Bell, being introduced by then Harvard Law Student Barack Obama. It is so strange how so many of these on-air personalities have such strongly held beliefs with little or no understanding as to what they actually are buying into.

CNN is just another example of a cable news network where the hosts are ill prepared for their scheduled interviews. They have a political point they want to make, regardless of the facts. When they come up against a prepared guest they are in for the fight of their life, on-air. Enter one Soledad O’Brien. She is obviously more partisan than she is intelligent. That never seems to works well when your guests are both smarter than you and better prepared than you.

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One Response to “***UPDATE*** CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Back On Morning Television!… Her New Show, Early Start/Starting Point, Barely Registers On The Audience Scale!… Beats CNBC’s Squawk Box, Barely!…”

  • kent:

    what a mess the cnn morning news has become … boring is the nicest thing you can say

    (Read the blog!)

    . Truly awful is what everyone i know has been saying that is those that gave it a chance but now turn to other stations. Perhaps the very worst is bringing back Soledad it just does not get any worse than this! What is wrong with the cnn staff, management and producers … that’s right they could care less about their viewing audience that is the little to no viewers they are able to attract anymore.

    This is not just one person’s opinion but that of many that have watched this train wreck on cnn! Little wonder your ratings are so low.

    Keep smiling,


    For those who dream and persist like Mel Fisher
    “Today” is always “The Day.”

    You need to develop a writing style with a bit more clarity.

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