When All Else Fails!

As President Obama prepares for 2012 he continues to make it perfectly clear that the race card and a complicit press will be his aces in the hole. This President is held to such a low standard by the nation’s media that it is pathetic. He has a lot of explaining to do but the narrative is definitely not heading in that direction. His apologists in the predominant media continue to excuse his costly and ridiculous missteps.

The housing crisis continues to loom in the distance, the stimulus was a total failure and the best that his supporters are able to offer is that people like me must be racist. Racist you say! Hell no! I have high standards for both achieving and proclaiming excellence. I am not enamored with mere mortals, in particular those who are incapable of intelligent decisions when it comes to solving problems & resolving pesky issues. I am not enamored of political hacks who might choose to use the Presidency to feed their minions out of the public trough. In short, I find President Obama to be nothing short of a thin skinned political hack. I must admit, he has clearly grasped all of the trappings of the Presidency. He plays the part for his blood sucking die hard supporters like a seasoned pro.

At this point in time one might think that some leaders in the liberal black community might figure out that this President is actually an anathema for the minority community. This self-styled political organizer is only digging the hole deeper for those in need of realistic solutions. The color of his skin, the fact that his birth father was black and other issues related only to race mean nothing in terms of this man’s ability to actually solve the issues that are literally tearing America apart at the seams. Minority communities need a strong sense of community as much as they need a strong leader supporting relevant initiatives that would serve to benefit them by enhancing their skills and providing attending opportunities.

This President is like a broken record, stuck on race. He cannot separate fact from fiction, in many instances, and continually appears to use race to divide and conquer particular minority groups. The law has little place inside his agenda, especially when it would interfere with favored constituencies of his. He loves to promise and fool his supporters into actually believing that he has the power and the ability to fashion popular initiatives, regardless how absurd they might actually be. Forget the fact that this President is liar and often has no intention to follow through with his often hollow promises. 2012 will be a year that resonates throughout the history of America.

Is it going to be more important than ever that Americans finally come to their senses and discover that skin color is no acceptable alternative to competence. This President is simply out of his league. To call him stupid would be a direct insult to those of you who could be characterized as stupid. This President has proven to be both feckless and unprepared for the challenges that face any President. He is poorly organized and unwilling to do what it takes when the chips are down and creative solutions might actually be in order. He reminds me of the Economist that tackles every difficult issue by stating the political missive, “Let’s Assume.” Green energy today is nothing more than a code phrase that only serves to excite a portion of his, the President’s, unrealistic base. Breakthrough technologies can take decades before they are ready to replace existing technologies and no amount of wishing will change those facts.

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