The CC Rat!

With the ink barely dry on this bastard’s college diploma, Coach Lorenzo Romar’s rehab project, Venoy Overton, has once again been arrested. This time by police in Kent. This time the blessed one has been charged with selling his supposed girlfriend into prostitution, a felony offense. What a guy he has to be. He has a young son from a failed relationship and rather than hustling to earn an honest buck, this slimy creep is out acting like the consummate street hustler, exploiting young females yet again. Wow, he has to be the most pathetic case of stupid that Seattle and the Puget Sound area has seen in decades, if not longer.

Before I forget, I need to say, this sleazy ass has not yet been convicted. Afterall, haven’t we all been falsely accused of selling our girlfriends into prostitution? In the case of the Central City Rat, he is just the most unlucky rat of all, evidently. Imagine being at the wrong place, at the wrong time, on numerous occasions. If we lived in a truly just society he might actually be pulled from his cell, taken out into the jail courtyard and shot! If that were the case, please, don’t shoot him in the head, he has not a single working brain cell in that dilapidated cranial housing. However, this is the liberal bastion known as the Puget Sound area. Based on age, Overton should be regarded as the adult in this situation. However, his judgment appears to not only flawed but non-existent. Thus, his behavior is closer to that of an impudent juvenile with few skills and lots of baggage. If this creepy piece of scat has a conscience, he has yet to activate it, so that it works properly.

The University of Washington placement center will be happy to know that one of their role models is already earning money as a graduate of their fine institution. In such a down economy, Overton is the epitome of hustle & entrepreneurship, just like when he was on the court. Only this time he may have committed the ultimate flagrant foul. How many more times will this imbecile be able to wriggle free from the heavy handed grasp of justice? He has been excused on at least two occasions in the past year and look how well he learned his lessons. It might be nice if Coach Romar came out and apologized to the community for being suckered by this low life, posing as a model citizen. If there is hope for this smelly rodent, then it had better act quickly as his character quotient has to be taken a real licking in the grand scheme of things. I only hope that this time the community demands that, if found guilty, Overton is punished to the full extent of the law. Then he will be able to learn from the real professionals. If he gets lucky, in prison, he might even be able to serve an internship as the sissy for his cell block.

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One Response to “Arrested Again!… Seattle’s Creepy Central City Rat, Venoy Overton, Arrested One More Time!… A Threat To The Community!… Got That Coach Romar?… Venoy Overton, The Creepy Gutter Dweller, Is At It Again!…”

  • pavel:

    Wow, you are one angry fellow! Are you in counseling yet? Writing a blog about Venoy Overton being creepy and immature? Isn’t that little, um, obvious? What else is going on here? Why the sophomoric, illiterate vitriol? Got something on your own conscience, hmmm?

    Right Pavel, telling it like it is, that is all. If you don’t like my writing style, then move on and find one that you do. Your commentary is hardly thoughtful by my exacting standards. You missed the entire point of the blog. He has been coddled by the legal system in greater King County and this is what we ultimately end up with. Perhaps you should start your own blog and demonstrate to you 1 follower, how things should be done. Chuck

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