Lizzy’s Story From Yet Another Point of View!

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My First Blog On This Subject; 11/22/10

Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Seeberg

It has been a rough ride but perhaps things will begin to move forward in a more positive sense. I struggle as I read some of the sexist trash that is being spread around by so-called journalists. I have blogged how this incident has absolutely no relationship to the Duke Lacrosse controversy. I have used actual incidents to demonstrate that the Coach did not have to sit back and let the university provide cover. I have, in fact, published a number of blogs that have questioned the integrity of Notre Dame’s Administration and its Athletic Department. I have been attacked by scurrilous yahoos with their own loaded words.

I have been lectured to by yahoos in diapers pretending as if they are real journalists. All that I can say is that I am unimpressed by many of the Notre Dame followers who only see all things Notre Dame. Thomas Aquinas did not attend Notre Dame and I believe that he did fine. St. Ignatius Loyola was not a Notre Dame graduate and I believe that he also accounted for himself in a remarkable manner. Would you like me to continue? Have I made my point in a very persuasive yet parsimonious manner? Perhaps not for those of you with the ultimate learning disability; ignorance.

I really appreciated Courtney’s Feministing blog about Lizzy Seeberg. Courtney’s blog was not an excuse blog. The kind that says, “Let me see, what kind of excuses and limping analogies might I use to protect my school?” Those lame limps have come in the form of federal laws, the Duke Lacrosse case and other inane events that have no relationship whatsoever to Lizzy’s case. As I delve further, it appears that the rumor mongers on that storied campus are busy working Lizzy’s reputation over in hopes of meeting their nefarious needs. They are, in effect, rewriting the life of Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Seeberg so that it more closely conforms to their lies and innuendo. Hate me if you want, I am but the messenger. Assaults on me may make the least of you feel better but they do nothing to quell the mounting call for Notre Dame and its
punk male culture to wise-up and hold itself accountable.

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3 Responses to “A Really Insightful Blog By Courtney, About Lizzy…. Some Additional Thoughts From Yours Truly!”

  • Tim:

    There appears to be some confusion, Chuck. I think that is a picture of a reporter. Here is a picture of Elizabeth Seeberg.

    Here is another picture of Ms. Seeberg.

    Thanks Tim, that is a photo of ‘Lizzy’ just a different one. Not sure which would be more recent. I will take some time to view your photos and then perhaps change them out. Thanks for reading the blogs.

  • Seve:

    Notre Dame and the administrators who have taken no action on this matter have to be concerned with the possibility that information regarding the ‘knock at the door’ will be made public. The characterizations of the kind of person Lizzy was will no longer matter. Someone will have to answer for not taking action against the athlete considering that people heard what was happening and felt compelled to stop it. If people heard the confrontation and took action to stop it, it is difficult to say it wasn’t assault or it was fabricated by Seeberg or that the athlete misunderstood her interest. There’s no confusion about a girl screaming in a guy’s dorm room.

    People at Notre Dame are likely trying to figure this one out but they know the player cannot be spared and will not be part of Notre Dame football next year. He’s done after the bowl game. Apparently, he will not be missed much by the players who, for the most part can see when someone ‘isn’t right.’

    Thanks Seve for a lucid description of the situation as you see it. I hope that others will read this and understand what an appropriate response looks like. It is not necessarily your conclusion but how you build your argument. Chuck

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