Priscilla, Armed & Ready!

Two big tough teenage boys, one age 18, the other just 16, decided to take liberties with 23 yo Priscilla Dang. She happened to be out and about jogging. The 18 year old mental midget goes by the name of Josiah Sullivan. The underage prick is protected by stupid laws that don’t recognize morons when they see them.

While one of the boys distracted Priscilla with a smirk, the other, both on bicycles, smacked Priscilla on her rear end. Not a bright move by a blundering idiot. She grabbed the moron that had slapped her moments earlier. He quickly apologized. Next the other Neanderthal came back on his big boy bicycle, obviously wearing his big boy pull-up underwear. He thought that it would smart to call Priscilla a disgusting name. Things escalated from there. I believe that this asshole was the 16 yo moron.

Read the rest of the story here. Stories like this warm your heart. We need more people like Priscilla out in the world. She took that fight to the idiots, protected herself and the 18 yo moron ended up in custody. He is probably very sorry now that he is obviously the focus of attention for so many. I hope that the 16 yo unnamed dope gets his fair share of ridicule as well. A mouth should not be allowed to function without a reasonable brain to control its functions.

I am searching for a photo of Josiah Sullivan. I think that I found one, but need to verify its authenticity. If you see the creep, call the cops and report him for impersonating a human being. That should be good for a month more in the slammer. The local rendition of Women Against Morons should protest outside his home. Does he have a home? Seems like a hole in the ground for him to slither into would be more appropriate.

Geek, I mean Greek, legend says that the name Josiah was used for the boys down in the trenches. Yes, those trenches. The young wipers at the public privies were collectively named Josiah. They were chosen because they displayed an extraordinary dose of ignorance. It seems that the 18 yo’s parents nailed their son’s name early on. He definitely needs to get back to his day job, doing what he obviously does best; cleaning the defecation off the surrounding walls. It’s good work Josiah, if you can get it! Right?

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